About us

Southwest Auction is a full service auction company serving farmers and ranchers since 1983.

We offer a complete and professional auction service as well as accurate and reliable appraisals. Our auctions are held the second Wednesday of each month, starting at 10:00 am. All of our auctions are open to the public. Anyone can buy or sell at our auctions! Bids can be placed live in person, or online in real time through our online bidding service. We can also conduct onsite auctions at your location.

Call us today to develop an auction plan that will directly address your needs.

In addition to auctions, Southwest Auction buys, sells, and trades farm equipment on a daily basis. We have a large inventory of tractors, combines, field and construction equipment available for outright purchase. Southwest Auction also accepts consignments.

We are committed to quality service and outstanding performance. We believe in treating all customers fairly with the utmost respect. Southwest Auction has the tools, experience, and commitment to ensure that every auction is arranged and conducted in a professional manner. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, contact Southwest Auction today for all your auction needs.

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Contact us directly:

Office: (903) 532-5501
Wade Carson: (903) 814-4440 
Jay Carson: (903) 814-4640 
David Carson: (903) 870-6437